People have requested that we don’t run the DND on the Monday after the all day Sunday. There fore I am suggesting that for the next 2 months we run the DND on the following dates.

Sep Monday the 21st
Oct Monday the 19th


Campaign Update from Ove

January 16, 2009

Well we are now down to 5 players and they are carving thier way though  the minions – one of the players posted his update of last weeks game.


As suddenly half of our party vanished in an instant we brave adventurers sallied forth against the overwhelming Kobold forces! I (Tiefling Rogue), Joe (Eldarin Rogue), John (Dragonborn Paladin), Chris (Dwarven Fighter) and Steve (Dwarven Cleric) made a good battle out of it. The quite consistent themes during the session were: Steve hurting the enemies and in the process healing the party member in the worst state (usually me or Chris, Chris’ character was knocked out once!), John challenging the enemies to mano-a-mano and beating them into submission. I was consistently cutting them up and killing off the most enemies (I think) but totally rubbish with anything having to do with ranged weapons. Joe always had the highest Initiative, but I believe out of 10 attack rolls he only hit with about 2!!! (A very bad day for Joe). Chris’ Dwarf made pretty much mince-meat out of anything that was in reach of his Battle Axe.

In the entrance to the Keep, Joe and I scouted forward and Joe took out a Kobold on guard with two well-aimed Crossbow Bolts (totalling something in the region of 55 Damage on two shots!!!) I fell into a Rat Trap that no-one noticed before and got pretty badly (b)eaten, rounding a corner behind a curtain two lurking (or three) Kobolds were dealt with pretty quickly and harshly. I know I’m in a bit of a bad state, having spent almost all of my Healing Surges for the day already, mostly due to a dire miscalculation (thought a Kobold couldn’t hit me at AC 18, and it was their best warrior armed with 2 swords, it hurt!!!).
Well, give us a few hours rest and we’ll be as good as new again.

next session 12th January

January 4, 2009

Just a quickie next DnDE game session is on the 12th of jan

Planning and First Game

November 9, 2008

Ok my initial plan for taking the campaign forward

10th Nov

Final character tweaks and final pc roster I have 8 currently but it appears that there may be some others I didn’t capture last Monday.

17th Nov first game 7:30 for 8:00 pm Start

Given the size of the group we will have to be strict on time keeping and I think having a player act as a team captain/time keeper whose job is to help keep track of imitative in combat is vital.

I also think having a time limit on out of combat discussions about tactics/strategy might be worth trying say 10 min and to try and be organized in discussions. May be having discussions on what to do next in a clockwise order and rather than having long drawn out discussions take a vote after everyone has had there say.

I don’t want to post my email address in a world readable forum but ill do a hand out next Monday with all my contact details (email, skype phone number etc)

just setting it up for now